Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Curators' Choice Awards for June 2017
Barebrush.com announces the winners of the June 2017 competitions. Grand prize winner is Tracey Padron, whose You Want Me is on the front page of barebrush.com for the month of July.

Nominees for the N*de-of-the-Month were selected as Curators' Choice by the guest curator, James Patrick Reid, Artist & Art Lecturer. All Barebrush curators have an opportunity to rank the Curators' Choice. Results are announced on the 20th of the month.

Art of the Nude

Curators' Choice 1st Place: N*de-of-the-Month, June 2017

You Want Me by Tracey Padron of ELGIN, ILYou Want Me
Small oil on panel of a young, confident male nude....[more]

Curators' Choice 2nd Place

Alina by Mateus Costa of Cheltenham, PAAlina
charcoal drawing of the model done at Cambridge street studios...[more]

Curators' Choice 3rd Place

Like A Rock by Ilene Skeen of New York, NYLike A Rock
Created at Spring Studio, April 2009...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention

Composed by Dennis Young of New Castle, DEComposed
Pastel painting of the model, composed and confidently poised for her studio appearance....[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention

Marissa by Sara Swan of Los Angeles, CAMarissa
Marissa was wearing this big hair wig...she has such a sense of humor, which you wouldn't guess from her serious expression....[more]

Photography Art of the Nude

Curators' Choice 1st Place: Photo Art N*de-of-the-Month, June 2017

Torso and Tree Trunk by Peter Le Grand of 4817 N. Leavitt St., Chicago, ILTorso and Tree Trunk
Part of the Kentucky workshop. All of the images from this workshop were done digitally....[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention

Door 13 by Joseph Mays of Louisville, KYDoor 13
I've been thinking a lot lately about doors. Doors can mean so many things. Safety, imprisonment, hiding, mystery, escape.......[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention

At ease by Peter Wong King of Cochiti Lake, NMAt ease
A simple image, a tranquil moment for a model ...[more]

All Media, Genres

Curators' Choice 1st Place: Best-of-the-Rest, June 2017

DAD & BABY 16 11 by Jon Rettich of New York, NYDAD & BABY    16 11
*A moment caught...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention

There You Were, My Friend by Ilene Skeen of New York, NYThere You Were, My Friend
Where are you now? ...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention

Roberto by Marie-Paule Martin of New York City, NYRoberto
Painting from life...[more]

Congratulations all!

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