Sunday, June 25, 2017

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"On The Boardwalk of Coney Island" by Pacifico Palumbo of Colrain , MA"On The Boardwalk of Coney Island"
I would go to coney Island as often as I could when I was little and lived in Brooklyn. I remember all the wonderful things...[more]

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We at Barebrush offer the best art gallery and best nude art gallery online. presents the Best of Rest Today for Sunday June 25, 2017. Guest curator for June was James Patrick Reid, Artist & Art Lecturer. Barebrush operates monthly art calendar exhibitions for artists and art lovers. Online since 2006. Art is viewed and juried by guest curators. Artists win exposure, validation, awards. All monthly calendars and all calendar art are viewable at See the current calendar.

This is day number 2064 of the Barebrush Best-of-the-Rest series.

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