Monday, February 20, 2017

Curators' Choice Awards for February 2017

Curators' Choice Awards for February 2017 announces the winners of the February 2017 competitions. Grand prize winner is Jean Marcellino, whose Leaning Man is on the front page of for the month of March.

Nominees for the N*de-of-the-Month were selected as Curators' Choice by the guest curator, Vaughn Lewis, Independent Curator. All Barebrush curators have an opportunity to rank the Curators' Choice. Results are announced on the 20th of the month.

Art of the Nude

Curators' Choice 1st Place: N*de-of-the-Month, February 2017
Leaning Man by Jean Marcellino of New York, NYLeaning Man
Created at The Spring Street Studio, 3/2007....[more]

Curators' Choice 2nd Place
back view by Mateus Costa of Cheltenham, PAback view
Saturday morning life drawing class...[more]

Curators' Choice 3rd Place
N*de St*dy 2009 D by C. Charles Wang of VAN*de St*dy 2009 D
A two-hour pose...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
Golden Torso by Robert Markey of Ashfield, MAGolden Torso
Part of a series of nude torsos with 23 Karat gold leafing I did as a sequence to my work on domestic violence. "Women's...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
standard of beauty by Taehyub Lee of manhattan, NYstandard of beauty
collage with oil & pencil drawing...[more]

Photography Art of the Nude

Curators' Choice 1st Place: Photo Art N*de-of-the-Month, February 2017
Nude Woman Sunbathing. by Ricardo Arnaldo of Miami, FLNude Woman Sunbathing.
Woman gets an all-over tan in her patio....[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
Untitled (The Dance) by William Zuback of West Allis, WIUntitled (The Dance)
Woman with dress...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
Aferrado by Tony Lee of PanamaAferrado
Te aferras a cualquier cosa con tal que no te arrastre la corriente....[more]

All Media, Genres

Curators' Choice 1st Place: Best-of-the-Rest, February 2017
Three Views of Desi, 2015 by Jacqueline Saunders of Burke, VAThree Views of Desi, 2015
I painted Desi from three different positions, seeking to capture a more complete portrait of this strong, young man. ...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
african by Taehyub Lee of manhattan, NYafrican
pastel on paper...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
The Anderson Seat by Ilene Skeen of New York, NYThe Anderson Seat
Mono-print of Monhonk Mountain House lookout and rest. Created at the Salmagundi Club March 2014 from a photo taken in...[more]
Print (etch/litho/mono/wdcut)

Congratulations all!


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