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Curators' Choice Awards for December 2016

Curators' Choice Awards for December 2016
Barebrush.com announces the winners of the December 2016 competitions. Grand prize winner is Seonyoung Kim, whose Pink is on the front page of barebrush.com for the month of January.

Nominees for the N*de-of-the-Month were selected as Curators' Choice by the guest curator, Sherry Camhy, Art Students League. All Barebrush curators have an opportunity to rank the Curators' Choice. Results are announced on the 20th of the month.

Art of the Nude

Curators' Choice 1st Place: N*de-of-the-Month, December 2016
Pink by Seonyoung Kim of Woodside, NYPink
Oilon panel...[more]

Curators' Choice 2nd Place
Sleeping Beauty by Tom Morgan of vancouver, CANADASleeping Beauty
This painting is an oil on canvas completed October 2014. The painting is based on my model Mya and the title says it all. I...[more]

Curators' Choice 3rd Place
On two chairs by Chanit Roston of NYOn two chairs
This very unusual pose the model designed so creatively and stayed in but for ten minutes intrigues me to develop further. ...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
Turning by Alex Tolstoy of McLean, VATurning
Nude female torso turning...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
Colin, Intense at David K's Studio by Ilene Skeen of New York, NYColin, Intense at David K's Studio
I was all set to do a bigger piece, but Colin took a square pose. Since it isn't often that you see a pose that works for a...[more]

Photography Art of the Nude

Curators' Choice 1st Place: Photo Art N*de-of-the-Month, December 2016
The Dance II by William Zuback of West Allis, WIThe Dance II
Woman portrait with prom dress...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
The Observer by Craig Sheely of Littlestown, PAThe Observer
2015 Two separate images were combined, then digitally altered. Archival Inkjet Print ...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
Simple Machines by Joseph Mays of Louisville, KYSimple Machines
Another study of the human form in unusual light. This piece placed in the Lexington Art League Nude 2010 exhibition. ...[more]

All Media, Genres

Curators' Choice 1st Place: Best-of-the-Rest, December 2016
un done by Tim Woodhouse of TXun done
ever feel...undone?...[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
Clay Head #1 by Will Ellis of New York, NYClay Head #1
One of many small plasticine heads I did this summer....[more]

Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
COLLAGE NO. 1 by William Thierfelder of Portland, ORCOLLAGE NO. 1
Multimedia collage: colored pencils, ink, markers, crayons, metallic pens. There are two on-going sources of inspiration for...[more]
Mixed Media

Congratulations all!

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