Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nude-of-the-Day, Saturday April 23, 2011 from

Curators' Choice nominee

Honey Bee reenacted with bunny slippers by gretchen mahnkopf of rosendale, NYHoney Bee reenacted with bunny slippers
Reenactment of photo of Honey Bee with real breasts and bunny slippers watercolor....[more]
Watercolor presents the Nude-of-the-Day for Saturday April 23, 2011. Art for April was selected by guest curator, Robert Curcio, Barebrush operates a monthly art calendar contest for artists and art lovers. Online since 2006. Art is selected by guest curators. Artists win exposure, validation, prizes. All monthly calendars and all calendar art are viewable at See the current calendar. Viewers can vote in two polls: "My Favorite Nude" and "Curators' Choice." This is day number 1,698 of the Barebrush series. Enjoy! Subscribe.


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