Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Polls Open for Voting on the August 2009 N*de-of-the-Month Art Calendar

Voting underway for the August 2009 N*des-of-the-Month art calendar contest, July 2009 contest results to be announced August 1.

Polls opened today for voting on the August 2009 N*des-of-the-Month art calendar contest provided by The August calendar is in previews (members only) at the website and will be live to the public for viewing (and voting) on August 1.

Results of the voting on the July 2009 calendar are being tallied and winners will be announced at the website on August 1.

About the N*des-of-the-Month Polls

Each month a guest curator selects the calendar exhibition and the "Curators Choice" nominees. Previous barebrush curators review the nominees and vote in a special poll. The public is also invited to vote. Winners are determined by a statistical combination of curators' poll and the public voting. Prizes include complimentary listings and cash. There is also a second poll, "My Favorite N*de" contest, which includes all art of the calendar art (with more complementary listings to winners). For the last year, curators have been commenting about how they wished the months were longer, so that they could choose more artwork. To resolve this problem, beginning in July 2009, the curators choose two months at a time. Barebrush is currently accepting submissions of art for September and October 2009.


Membership is free. Membership is required to submit art. There is a nominal fee to submit art. Instructions are at the website,

Each of the artists selected for the calendars receive two (2) complimentary listings for each artwork selected. Curators' Choice nominees receive additional listings and are placed in the Curators' Choice Poll. All the art in each calendar is included in the "My Fav N*de" poll.

As part of the Barebrush continual submission process, art entered on or before August 14 , 2009 will be automatically considered for the September and October 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendars. For more information, and the call for entries for Sept/Oct, click here.

The curator for November and December contests will be announced during September. the "sexy art calendar"contest, dedicated to the art of the nude. Online since 2006.

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