Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Adult Art: July & August N*des-of-the-Month from barebrush

Curator selects 2 months, 62 artworks, 44 artists

SUB-CONTEXT -- When Vaughn Lewis of Magnan Projects agreed to curate July, he said, "I will be looking for something edgy, gritty and fresh. I will be very interested to see work which adds sub-context to the image, pushing the genre into nude-plus."

For N*des-of-the-Month July 2009, Lewis chose images which he felt generated an affecting presence. What's going on? Who are these people? Is the factor of their nakedness central or incidental to their story? The July calendar gives viewers a lot to look at and think about. Laughing out loud, Lewis launched the month with Dan McCormack' s Lupe. "The finger and naked on a tractor," he said, "that's sub-context."

ESSENCE OF NUDE - When Lewis agreed to curate July 2009, little did he know that he would also be asked to participate in an experiment! For months, curators have been saying that they wished there were more days in the month so they could pick more works. As part of the selection of the July 2009 calendar, Lewis was asked to curate August -- so he got to pick 62 pieces (with no duplicates). Lewis was very excited about the selection process and the fact that he was the first to get this opportunity. He themed this calendar as a dedication to the skill, sensibility and aesthetic of the art of the nude. When asked about the experience, he was almost at a loss for words, "I had to look at every artist, not to miss anyone, especially newcomers." For August, Lewis chose Haydee Torres' Angela to launch the month - an evocative and skillful contemporary image of the purposeful and the accidental combined.

In all, 62 artworks by 44 artists were selected. The July calendar is live to the public on the website now. The August calendar is in previews (for members only) and will be live to the public on August 1.

For the complete list of artists represented, see the press release or

Press Release

dedicated to the art of the n*de

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