Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Polls Open for Voting on the August 2009 N*de-of-the-Month Art Calendar

Voting underway for the August 2009 N*des-of-the-Month art calendar contest, July 2009 contest results to be announced August 1.

Polls opened today for voting on the August 2009 N*des-of-the-Month art calendar contest provided by The August calendar is in previews (members only) at the website and will be live to the public for viewing (and voting) on August 1.

Results of the voting on the July 2009 calendar are being tallied and winners will be announced at the website on August 1.

About the N*des-of-the-Month Polls

Each month a guest curator selects the calendar exhibition and the "Curators Choice" nominees. Previous barebrush curators review the nominees and vote in a special poll. The public is also invited to vote. Winners are determined by a statistical combination of curators' poll and the public voting. Prizes include complimentary listings and cash. There is also a second poll, "My Favorite N*de" contest, which includes all art of the calendar art (with more complementary listings to winners). For the last year, curators have been commenting about how they wished the months were longer, so that they could choose more artwork. To resolve this problem, beginning in July 2009, the curators choose two months at a time. Barebrush is currently accepting submissions of art for September and October 2009.


Membership is free. Membership is required to submit art. There is a nominal fee to submit art. Instructions are at the website,

Each of the artists selected for the calendars receive two (2) complimentary listings for each artwork selected. Curators' Choice nominees receive additional listings and are placed in the Curators' Choice Poll. All the art in each calendar is included in the "My Fav N*de" poll.

As part of the Barebrush continual submission process, art entered on or before August 14 , 2009 will be automatically considered for the September and October 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendars. For more information, and the call for entries for Sept/Oct, click here.

The curator for November and December contests will be announced during September. the "sexy art calendar"contest, dedicated to the art of the nude. Online since 2006.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In This Issue:

N*des-of-the-Month - Sept/Oct 2009

Enhancements at BAREBRUSH

The Sad Tale of Videonomorefornow

FYI: I changed to a text-only newsletter because it is quicker and less hassle. In the archives, the email company posted the Blast-O-Gram with no carriage returns or line feeds and no spaces between words at the start and end of sentences. What are they thinking?

N*des-of-the-Month - Sept/Oct 2009
Guest curator for the September and October exhibitions is Ms. Mary Logan of Kim Foster Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. Logan is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art with a degree in Fine Arts.

When asked what she would like to see for the September and October calendars, she said, laughing:

"Capturing a sense of personal identity or expression in a birthday
suit display. What fun!"

See the complete call for entries here.

By the way, as her comment implies, Mary Logan has a sense of humor as well as an eye for art. Kim Foster, the gallery owner and founder, had the same approach back in 2007 -- "It made me laugh," Foster said about one piece, "That counts for something!"

Please note the entry deadline: Aug 14

Enhancements at BAREBRUSH
Several major improvements are in the works at barebrush.

1. Curators select two months at a time
For over a year, every curator has mentioned that there were just "not enough days in the month" and art they wanted to include had to be left out. The right ratio of selection seems to be about 12 to 1 so if there are over 400 entries for a contest, we can open it up to include the second month.

For the July contest, I asked Vaughn Lewis to curate August as well. Lewis chose 62 pieces. The rules were simple: an artist could have one piece in either or both calendars, but no duplicates. Lewis chose 62 pieces from 44 artists, 10 artists as Curators' Choice.

The July calendar is live to the public now and the August is in previews (to members only). August will go live on August 1st. Voting for the July Curators' Choice is underway and will start for August on July 29.

Happily, we have over 400 entries for the current contest, so Mary Logan will definitely be doing two months as well (Sept/Oct).

2. Enhanced Membership System
On June 2, our website host provider upgraded their system causing three critical barebrush components to fail. Needless to say this was a huge problem and strain of resources to find solutions. One of the solutions was to upgrade our membership system (which has been completed). It looks very much like it did before, but several new components are installed which will make the following improvements possible (to be completed by summer's end). Among the most welcome improvements will be:

A. A standard login form on the pages (goodbye pop-up window!)

B. Integration with e-commerce -- (you will see your account balances on your mybarebrush page)

C. Artist info database (your artist name exactly the way you want it, your contact info, location, etc.) The big benefit of this is that if you move or change your preferred contact, ALL of your detail pages on barebrush will change automatically, hooray!)

3. Enhanced Uploader/Lightbox System
There are fundamental structural improvements to the uploader system process. The lightbox will become integrated with the Uploader. Here are the changes you will notice and which will have the most impact on your use of the system:

A. Bigger image size, bigger upload file size, more file formats accepted.

B. Edit capability for your image text - if you notice that you need to make a change after the artwork is on the web.

C. Choice of image term and renewal status at uploader time. Display of expiration date, renewal status, etc. (to you, the artist only, not to the public).

D. Possible multiple image uploads -- upload up to 5 images and see the thumbnails as you enter your title and descriptive information. This is complex and may not be initially available.

E. "Next" capability -- when your viewers are looking at your lightbox,they will be able to click "Next/Previous" to the detail pages without having to go back to the lightbox each time. From the number of people who have asked about this, NEXT is the biggie!

4. Better Search Engine Capability
In the "new and improved" barebrush, art pages will be made dynamically from the mySQL database using css for formatting. The reformatting will result in better headline control and thus higher position in standard search engines.

5. Ad for 2009-2010
The ad for 2009-2010 will appear in the Gallery Guide beginning with the September issue. It is directed to the public and art buyers. I hope to run it in upscale general magazines like "The New Yorker" and others.

The aim of these enhancements is to make barebrush more user friendly, more artist friendly and capable of automatically supporting the BUY-NOW program which will allow you to sell your art directly from barebrush.

Although I can't make any promises because of constraints of technology and time, if you have a "wish-list" idea that you would like to see in barebrush, let me know, and if we can do it and it is consistent with our program, we'll make it happen.

Final question on this topic: the June 2 disruption was major. As a user and an artist on barebrush, you probably want to know "Will this happen again?" The answer is, I don't think so. The changes the website host made were legitimate and for security purposes. There are ways of implementing code which does not create vulnerabilities and the enhanced barebrush is taking advantage of these more sophisticated techniques.

The Sad Tale of Videonomorefornow
Well, we did videos from November through May and we had no problems, but in June, I made the mistake of putting the band's name in my press release headline. Their management wanted $$ instead of publicity.

"Well," I said, "We're not making any money on it. What do you want?"
"You have to stop using it," was the answer.
"Okay," I said, "We'll take it down."
"How soon can you do this?" was the question.
"Oh." He sounded disappointed.

Some savvy music management companies know how to put a buy-now button on a page featuring their music so that the user could buy the album then and there. Unfortunately this was not one of them.

Videos will come back when bands seek us instead of the other way around. Have to concentrate on the fundamentals of the site -- we're too small to get sidetracked right now.

Sept/Oct contest deadline Aug 14.

Launch your 2009-2010 art season with a good display.

Remember: new nudes are good news!

Best regards,


Note for Newbies: You can catch up on developments with back issues of recent BLAST-O-GRAMs at the website. Or just write me if you have a question:

The BLAST-O-GRAM is produced by:
ILS Designs, LLC,
372 Fifth Avenue, Suite 7D,
New York, NY 10018

Art calendar contest
On line since 2006

Membership in is free, fees to post art, $1 per artwork for 60 days. Art judged by guest art professionals. Prizes.

We never sell or share your email address or info. We send one (1) general mailing per month, called the Barebrush Blast-O-Gram.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Art Opportunity: Deadline Aug 14: Barebrush N*des-of-the-Month

New York, NY – July 14, 2009. All visual artists are invited by BAREBRUSH founder and CEO, Ilene Skeen to submit art of the nude for the September and October 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar contests.

Guest curator for the September and October exhibitions is Ms. Mary Logan of Kim Foster Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. Logan is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art with a degree in Fine Arts. When asked what she would like to see for the September and October calendars, she said, laughing:

"Capturing a sense of personal identity or expression in a birthday suit display. What fun!"

About Kim Foster Gallery
Kim Foster Gallery promotes a select group of contemporary artists that have been with the gallery for over a decade. The gallery is focused on enabling these artists to explore and evolve in significantly different ways, but with remarkable coherence within the gallery's affinity towards unconventional work. Kim Foster, the galley's owner/director was curator for barebrush N*des-of-the-Month, June 2007.

To see the complete call for entry details and prizes, click here.

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Curators Choice Awards from

New York, NY -- announces the winners of the Curators' Choice Awards for June 2009. The winning artwork, Hand behind the back, is a drawing by New York artist David Michael Hollander who writes, "I am always trying to capture movement within the stillness of drawings." For the month of July, Hand behind the backis on the front page of the barebrush website as N*de-of-the-Month.

The June 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar was curated by widely-collected artist, Del-Bourree Bach, represented by several galleries in New England and Florida. Bach also selected the five nominees for the Curators' Choice Awards.

Previous barebrush curators were sent ballots to rank the selections. The poll opened for public voting on the nominees June 1st and closed June 28th. Winners were determined by a statistical combination of the curators and popular vote. The grand prize winner of the Curators' Choice becomes N*de-of-the -Month.

The results are below:

1st: Hand behind the back by David Michael Hollander

Hand behind the back by David Michael Hollander
New York...

2nd: Tuesday N*de by Bill Teitsworth, NWS

Tuesday N*de by Bill Teitsworth, NWS

3rd: Tidal Rhythm detail by Christopher Smith Tidal Rhythm detail by Christopher Smith Pennsylvania...

Torus by Michael Seif

Honorable Mention: Transparency by Gerard Lartigue

Transparency by Gerard Lartigue
Toulouse, France...

All nominees receive complementary listings. First, second and third place are also awarded cash prizes, and are featured on the barebrush microsite at ArtInfo, the online web resource of the Gallery Guide.Congratulations All!

To see the June2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar and further details, click here.

To see the calendar archives and all the barebrush curators, click here

To see the barebrush microsite at ArtInfo, featuring the Curators' Choice winners, click here

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Adult Art: July & August N*des-of-the-Month from barebrush

Curator selects 2 months, 62 artworks, 44 artists

SUB-CONTEXT -- When Vaughn Lewis of Magnan Projects agreed to curate July, he said, "I will be looking for something edgy, gritty and fresh. I will be very interested to see work which adds sub-context to the image, pushing the genre into nude-plus."

For N*des-of-the-Month July 2009, Lewis chose images which he felt generated an affecting presence. What's going on? Who are these people? Is the factor of their nakedness central or incidental to their story? The July calendar gives viewers a lot to look at and think about. Laughing out loud, Lewis launched the month with Dan McCormack' s Lupe. "The finger and naked on a tractor," he said, "that's sub-context."

ESSENCE OF NUDE - When Lewis agreed to curate July 2009, little did he know that he would also be asked to participate in an experiment! For months, curators have been saying that they wished there were more days in the month so they could pick more works. As part of the selection of the July 2009 calendar, Lewis was asked to curate August -- so he got to pick 62 pieces (with no duplicates). Lewis was very excited about the selection process and the fact that he was the first to get this opportunity. He themed this calendar as a dedication to the skill, sensibility and aesthetic of the art of the nude. When asked about the experience, he was almost at a loss for words, "I had to look at every artist, not to miss anyone, especially newcomers." For August, Lewis chose Haydee Torres' Angela to launch the month - an evocative and skillful contemporary image of the purposeful and the accidental combined.

In all, 62 artworks by 44 artists were selected. The July calendar is live to the public on the website now. The August calendar is in previews (for members only) and will be live to the public on August 1.

For the complete list of artists represented, see the press release or

Press Release

dedicated to the art of the n*de

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