Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Barebrush Announces May 09 Curators Choice Awards

New York, NY -- announces the winners of the Curators' Choice Awards for May 2009. The winning artwork, Balanced Vulnerability, is an unusual painting, done with Sharpie® markers by Tennessee artist, Angelique Price. For the month of June, Balanced Vulnerability is on the front page of the barebrush website as N*de-of-the-Month.

The May 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar was curated by artist, gallerist and independent curator, Sarah Hardesty. Hardesty also selected the five nominees for the Curators' Choice Awards.

Previous barebrush curators were sent ballots to rank the selections. The poll opened for public voting on the nominees May 1st and closed May 28th. Winners were determined by a statistical combination of the curators and popular vote. The grand prize winner of the Curators' Choice becomes N*de-of-the-Month.

The results are below:

1st: Balanced Vulnerability by Angelique Price

Balanced Vulnerability by Angelique Price

2nd: The mirror by Chanit Roston

 The mirror by Chanit Roston
New York

3rd: Internet Dating by Donna Cleary

Internet Dating by Donna Cleary
New York

The Descent by Michael Seif

Honorable Mention: He Did Not Say No. He Said, Please Don't. by Irina Sarnetskaya

He Did Not Say No. He Said, Please Don't. by Irina Sarnetskaya
New York

All nominees receive complementary listings. First, second and third place are also awarded cash prizes, and are featured on the barebrush microsite at ArtInfo, the online web resource of the Gallery Guide.

Congratulations All!

To see the May 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar and further details, click here.

To see the calendar archives and all the barebrush curators, click here

To see the barebrush microsite at ArtInfo, featuring the Curators' Choice winners, click here

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Art Opportunity: Deadline June 22: Barebrush N*des-of-the-Month

New York, NY – June 2, 2009. All visual artists are invited by BAREBRUSH founder and CEO, Ilene Skeen to submit art of the nude for the July 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar contest.

Guest curator for the July exhibition is Mr. Vaughn Lewis. Lewis is a young artist as well as a gallery assistant at Magnan Projects, a well-established Chelsea art gallery. In our continuing efforts to provide both diversity and continuity of curators, Alberto Magnan, founder of Magnan Projects, who curated the July 2007 barebrush N*des-of-the-Month calendar, graciously endorsed Vaughn Lewis as curator for July 2009.

When asked what he will be looking for when selecting the art, Lewis said:

I will be looking for something edgy, gritty and fresh. I will be very interested to see work which adds sub-context to the image, pushing the genre into nude +.

For more about Vaughn Lewis, Magnan Projects and the complete details of the call for entries, click here.

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Adult Art: June '09 N*des-of-the-Month from Barebrush

"The Sexy Art Calendar" 30 Artists. Curators' Choice.

MIXING IT UP -- Del-Bourree Bach is a widely-collected artist who is very active in several art organizations (American Society of Marine Artists, Salmagundi Club, AAPL and others). He is represented in galleries in New England and Florida. Bach approached the curation with enthusiasm and decisiveness. As he went through the selection, he looked especially for good design and unusual statements in a variety of media. He had said in the call, "I will be looking for mastery of the medium, but also uniqueness -- something that really grabs me."

True to his intention, some of his choices are elegantly simple in design, others complex. All are visually arresting, even in the thumbnail size where clear design is the major requirement. What's more, all invite a closer look at the detail, and deliver a satisfying "ah" to the discerning art lover.

The 30 artists represented in June 2009 (with day of month) are: Ruth Butler (9), Donna Cleary (30), Janet Cook (6), Donelli DiMaria (14), Anthony Gordon (8), David Hollander* (4), Mollie Kellogg (20), Guenter Knop (25), Francien Krieg (10), Gerard Lartique* (12), Tony Lee (7), Lucinda Luvaas (16), Jean Marcellino (3), Joe Mays (23), Dan McCormack (24), Jacqui Morgan (13), Kathy Ostman-Magnusen (15), Angelique Price (22), Chanit Roston (17), Michael Seif* (1), Cindy Sibilsky (26), Ilene Skeen (21), Christopher Smith* (18), Bill Teitsworth, NWS* (19), William Thierfelder (11), Randy Thurman (27), Judy Volkmann (5), C. Charles Wang (28), Kathryn Wasserman (29), Tim Woodhouse (2).

Each of the artists selected for the calendar receives two (2) complimentary listings. Five artists, indicated by asterisks (*), are nominated for the Curators Choice Awards. Curators' Choice nominees receive 8 additional complimentary listings. The top three artists receive cash prizes. You can also vote for “My Favorite N*de,” the poll which includes all of the art in the calendar. The top three artists in “My Favorite N*de” receive one (1) complementary listing. YOU CAN VOTE NOW. Winners announced July 1st.

Curators Choice winners for May 2009.

National press release

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