Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adult Art: May '09 N*des-of-the-Month From Barebrush

May Calendar: 31 Artists, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture, Mixed Media

INTENSE DIVERSIONS -- Sarah Hardesty is a young, energetic artist, the assistant director of a well-established Chelsea art gallery and independent curator. She approached the N*des-of-the-Month curation task iteratively - sweeping through, taking notes, and sweeping through again and again, taking more notes, crossing out, adding. It was a silent, intense process. When she was finished, she read her choices and said that she enjoyed it.

Some of her choices push the genre: is it nude? is it figure? Maybe, maybe not, but is it fun? Definitely! Emotive power and skill were keys to her selection.

The 31 artists represented in May 2009 (with day of month) are: Grant Besley (4), Kelly Borsheim (25), Ruth Butler (15), Donna Cleary* (1), Janet Cook (16), Kelly Croisdale (7), Donelli DiMaria (22), Harald Grote (17), David Hollander (8), Kasper Holten (31), Leon Kalas (2), Guenter Knop (20), Szn Kraft (3), Francien Krieg (23), Gerard Lartique (13), Lucinda Luvaas (4), Jean Marcellino (9), Will Maller (28), Joe Mays (21), Dan McCormack (14), Angelique Price (10), Chanit Roston* (12), Irina Sarnetskaya* (27), Michael Seif* (11), Ilene Skeen (24), Christopher Smith (30), Bill Teitsworth, NWS (29), William Thierfelder (18), Randy Thurman (19), C. Charles Wang (6), Kathryn Wasserman (26).

The May 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar is in previews now at (for members only). Public release May 1 for the May calendar and winners of the April Curators' Choice awards.

Press Release

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Curators Choice Awards from

Polls are closed. Results to be announced May 1.

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May N*des-of-the-Month from

In previews now to members only. Update to follow.

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Art Opportunity: Deadline April 23 - barebrush May N*des-of-the-Month

All visual artists are invited by BAREBRUSH founder and CEO, Ilene Skeen to submit art of the nude for the May 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar contest.

Guest curator for the May exhibition is Ms. Sarah Hardesty, artist, assistant director of a well-established contemporary Chelsea art gallery, and independent curator. When asked about curating the May calendar, Ms. Hardesty wrote:

I am interested in seeing work that is intellectually, emotionally, or socially stimulating, paired with an innovative use of materials. Also, work that extends beyond any limitations of what it means to reference the figure.

Ms. Skeen noted:
Barebrush is absolutely committed to the guest curator approach and to helping artists find collectors and make connections with galleries. Artists succeed by getting people excited about their work. This includes dealers, collectors, other artists, and art professionals. Independent curators also have a many contacts in the art world and it is very encouraging that barebrush is finding a lot of interest from this part of the business. I believe that barebrush is supplying a unique service: validation of art of the nude by a wide-variety of well-respected art professionals. In addition, it it evident that the public especially enjoys the monthly calendars and the videos. By
demonstrating success at barebrush, we more toward our goal of increasing the awareness, appreciation and acceptance of the art of the nude.

Call for entries details

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Curators Choice Awards March 09 from

New York, NY -- announces the winners of the Curators' Choice Awards for March 2009. The winning artwork, 4pm, is a relief sculpture by Pennsylvania artist, Christopher Smith. For the month of April, 4pm is on the front page of the barebrush website as N*de-of-the-Month.

The March 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar was curated by artist and teacher, Sherry Camhy. Camhy also selected the five nominees for the Curators' Choice Awards.

Previous barebrush curators were sent ballots to rank the selections. The poll opened for public voting on the nominees March 1st and closed March 29th. Winners were determined by a statistical combination of the curators and popular vote. The grand prize winner of the Curators' Choice becomes N*de-of-the-Month.

The results are below:

1st: 4PM by Christopher Smith

4PM by Christopher Smith

2nd: Red Hat #3 by Donelli J. DiMaria

Red Hat #3 by Donelli J.   DiMaria
New Mexico

3rd: Symmetry by Guenter Knop

Symmetry by Guenter Knop
New York

Honorable Mention: Circuitboard Jungle #80 by Joseph Mays

Circuitboard Jungle #80 by Joseph Mays

Honorable Mention: Greeting The Day by Lucinda Luvaas

Greeting The Day by Lucinda Luvaas

All nominees receive complementary listings. First, second and third place are also awarded cash prizes, and are featured on the barebrush microsite at ArtInfo, the online web resource of the Gallery Guide.

Congratulations All!

To see the March 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar and further details, click here.

To see the calendar archives and all the barebrush curators, click here

To see the barebrush microsite at ArtInfo, featuring the Curators' Choice winners, click here

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