Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April N*des-of-the-Month from Barebrush.com

STARTING WITH A TWANG -- Tom Taffe, artist and officer of the Salmagundi Club, the oldest art club in NYC, has a definite sense of art and fun. Taffe launches the month with humor in the shape of Mark Behme's "The Other Woman," a fully functional guitar. A number of barebrush artists appear in the N*des-of-the-Month calendar for the first time: Eric Angeloch, Aryn Chapman, Kelly Croisdale, Raymond Smith, and C. Charles Wang.

In the selected work, it is notable that all of the images in the calendar thumbnails demonstrate strong composition even at the reduced size. Taffe looked at the detail pages to confirm the artist's skill and the artwork's impact. The range from realism to abstraction is also notable. Efficient and professional, Taffe studied each artist's body of work, made a selection (or not), and moved on. In the end, he wound up with too many and reluctantly had to eliminate. "Good fun" was his summary comment.

The 30 artists represented in April 2009 (with day of month) are: Eric Angeloch (15), Mark Behme* (1), Ruth Butler (20), Aryn Chapman ( 11), Janet Cook (18), Kelly Croisdale (27), Joyce DiBona (30), Donelli DiMaria* (19), Harald Grote (17), David Hollander* (13), Mollie Kellogg (16), Guenter Knop (10), Francien Krieg (26), Tony Lee (12), Lucinda Luvaas (14), Jean Marcellino (5), Will Maller (23), Joe Mays (2), Jacqui Morgan (9), Benjamin Nazareno (24), Jennie Rosenbaum (3), Chanit Roston (29), Cindy Sibilsky (7), Christopher Smith* (21), Raymond Smith (22), Randy Thurman (8), Haydee Torres (25), Judy Volkman* (28), C. Charles Wang (4), Tim Woodhouse (6).

Music for the April Video provided by Black Lab (http://www.blacklabworld.com/)

BAREBRUSH.com is dedicated to the art of the nude giving artists recognition for their work in this controversial art genre and helping them to connect with interested dealers and collectors worldwide. Online since 2006.

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Here is a note from Mark Behme about "The Other Woman"

Hi, Ilene. Thanks to you and Tom for selecting me for the honor of being the First Day of April's Artist...And that's no joke! I want to share with you, Tom, and any others, the video clip on YouTube of Ken Moss playing "The Other Woman" (The winner) with Glenn Kowalski, playing "Nutjob", at Gallery Neptune last weekend at the artist talk there. They are in the group, "7 Door Sedan". See the video at [here]

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Kid Porn? Controversy and Test in Australia

Shauna, age 12

Century Project Child Images Published in Art Monthly Australia

Last July, consternation and panic erupted down under when an art magazine published a demure photograph of a six-year-old girl showing mostly her beautiful eyes, long brown hair and a little bit of thigh (but no clothing in evidence).

The Australian prime minister was horrified and the girl, Olympia, then eleven, was insulted that people could criticize her, her family and the picture of which she was very proud. Barebrush advertiser and friend, Dr. Paul Rapoport, weighed in charging that the brouhaha was inciting an unnecessary "moral panic." He wrote:

The goal of protecting children should have no argument. But making children
afraid of all nudity doesn’t protect them. It makes them anxious, insecure and
more susceptible to poor body image and other problems, including abuse....
On March 25, Arts Australia Monthly has published three full-frontal photographs taken by Frank Cordelle (The Century Project) to illustrate a book review on another child nudity case in Australia. The Australian government has tried to establish child nudity guidelines.

The three images in question are: Kelsi at 7, Nora at 11, and Katie at 16. A headshot of Kelsi at 7 is on the barebrush front-page ad on Tuesdays & Saturdays. All three of these images are in the book and the image of Katie is at Cordelle's website.

Further links:


Barebrush News & Events

The image introducing this post is of Shauna at 12 (also from Cordelle's book). It is in the barebrush archives: February 9, 2007.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Barebrush Artists in LA Pulp: Opening April 2nd




LUCINDA LUVAAS (barebrush Featured Artist)
JEFF BERMAN (barebrush curator Feb 2007)


2115 colorado ave
santa monica, ca 90404
310 264 6440 office
310 264 6471 direct
310 795 8173 cell

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Barebrush Best of 2008 Video

New York -- Scores of artists participated and twenty-five artists won first, second or third place in the Curators' Choice competitions in 2008. The Barebrush Best of 2008 Video is the perfect "marriage" of Art and Music. Enjoy!

About BAREBRUSH, N*des-of-the Month and the Curators' Choice
Barebrush is working to increase the awareness, appreciation and acceptance of the art of the nude. The nude is under represented in galleries and some Americans equate the art of the nude with pornography. The mission of barebrush is to show that it's okay, it's fun to enjoy the art of the nude.

Each month a different guest art professional selects art for the online calendar exhibition called "N*des-of-the-Month." The number of artworks selected equals the number of the days in the given month. Of the artists selected for each calendar, five are nominated for the Curators' Choice awards.

All barebrush curators have an opportunity to rank the Curators' Choice. Winners determined by a statistical combination of the curators' and popular vote. Results announced monthly. The Barebrush Best of 2008 Video is the compilation of the 2008 winners.

BAREBRUSH.com is dedicated to the art of the nude giving artists recognition for their work in this controversial art genre and helping them to connect with interested dealers and collectors worldwide. Online since 2006

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Summer Sketch Group (with Bar) in GV

This note is from a cool guy I've known since the 90's, Jeff Sauber. If you're in NYC and looking for some challenging drawing action, you might want to check it out.

Hi Ilene!

Wanted to share this with you & the Brush:

The Summer Sketch nude sketch group is up and running for another summer! This is a group that started about 12 years ago and has been running (on & off) ever since. It meets on alternate Sundays in a cool East Village location from 3-6pm., and features short & long poses (from 30 second to 20 minute). There's even a bar on premises for refreshments & liquid inspiration. Each session is $15. Space is limited, so please prepay to be sure of to get in.

To register please go to:http://www.meetup.com/Summer-Sketch-Figure-Drawing-NYC/

Info can also be found at:http://nyfiguredrawing.blogspot.com/http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=60429577406

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Artwork by Mollie Kellogg

Artwork by Mollie Kellogg
available at
Blynn Galleries
4225 N Marshall Way, Studio One
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun 1-6pm, Tues 11am-6pm, Thurs (Art Walk) 1-9pm, Sat 1-10pm

Mollie Kellogg is a Featured Artist at http://www.barebrush.com/

Barebrush.com is an online marketplace dedicated to widening public awareness of, access to and appreciation for the art of the n*de. I want to help artists to find dealers, help dealers to find collectors, help collectors to find enjoyment, and help us all to find each other. Founder and CEO, Ilene Skeen

Way to go, Molly!

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Art Opportunity: Deadline March 22 for April N*des-of-the-Month

Call for Entries. Prizes. Video. Includes Entry for both April & May Calendar Contests.

New York, NY – March 5, 2009. All visual artists are invited by BAREBRUSH founder and CEO, Ilene Skeen to submit art of the nude for the April 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar contest.

Guest curator for the April exhibition is Mr. Thomas Taffee, artist and officer of the Salmagundi Club in New York City. When asked what he would like to see for the April calendar, Mr. Taffee said:

I would like to see individuality in the painting of the nude whether in the style of Rubens (The Three Graces) or Marcel Duchamp’s (Nude Descending a Staircase). The nude will always be a favorite subject for the artist and should be portrayed as each of us conceives it.

About Tom Taffee and the Salmagundi Club
Tom Taffee is an artist member and First Vice President of the Salmagundi Club. As First Vice President, he is head of the Awards Committee responsible for selecting the prize winners for the Salmagundi Club art shows. Taffee is also a member and frequent award-winner of of the New Rochelle Art Association, Allied Artists and the Hudson Valley Art Association. He has had solo shows at the New York Public Library and Beth Abraham Medical Facility. Taffee produces frequent commissions and recently completed two large panels for a show commemorating 400 years since the discovery of the Hudson River (1609). This show is traveling to Faunces Tavern in Lower Manhattan, several Hudson River museums and to the Netherlands. The Salmagundi Club was founded in 1871 and is the oldest art club in NY City, dedicated to be a center for American Art and located in an historic brownstone in NY's Greenwich Village.

Ms. Skeen added:
As a member of the Salmagundi Club prestigious Art Committee and the head of the Salmagundi Club Awards Committee, Tom Taffee is well acquainted with the challenges of selecting and jurying art for group shows. I've known Tom since I joined the Salmagundi Club in 1999. He is a dear friend and hard-working artist. I am very excited to welcome him to the barebrush project. A man of enthusiasm and good humor, it will be interesting to see how he selects the April show, and of course, I will pass along any comments he shares about the works.

Call for entry details, click here

Schedule, click here

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Curators Choice Awards Feb 09 from barebrush.com

New York, NY -- Barebrush.com announces the winners of the Curators' Choice Awards for February 2009. The winning artwork, Street Level, is a photograph by Kentucky artist, Joseph Mays. For the month of March Street Level is on the front page of the barebrush website as N*de-of-the-Month.

The February 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar was curated by Della Clason Sperling of Dulack & Sperling Art LLC. Sperling also selected the five nominees for the Curators' Choice Awards. Previous barebrush curators were sent ballots to rank the selections. The poll opened for public voting on the nominees February 1st and closed February 26th. Winners were determined by a statistical combination of the curators and popular vote. The grand prize winner of the Curators' Choice becomes N*de-of-the-Month.

The results are below:

1st: Street Level by Joseph Mays

Street Level by Joseph Mays

2nd: Angel Feather by Terry Hinkle

Angel Feather by Terry HinkleMissouri

3rd: Reclining Benjamin by Jean Marcellino

Reclining Benjamin by Jean Marcellino
New York

All nominees receive complementary listings. First, second and third place are also awarded cash prizes.

Congratulations All!

To see the February 2009 N*des-of-the-Month calendar and further details, click here.

To see the calendar archives and all the barebrush curators, click here

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Monday, March 02, 2009

March N*des-of-the-Month from barebrush.com

DARK SPRING -- Sherry Camhy, as an artist and teacher, is fascinated with materials and with the process of artistic vision. Much of her own work is black on black or silverpoint -- challenging as a preference for the barebrush calendar format. Here she seems to emphasize the special boldness of her choices with a satisfying mix of dark and light. All of the art invites closer inspection. The images seem to interact with each other -- almost as if the same vision produced them all. In effect, it has, since the calendar with all its artists, is pulled together by the uncommon vision of Sherry Camhy, artist, teacher and author.

Afterwards, Sherry had this comment: "I was impressed with the quality and variety of all of the work submitted which made deciding on which artists and which image of each difficult. I wish I could have curated a year of days so more of the worthy work could have been displayed."

The 31 artists selected for March 2009 (with day of month) are: Michael Apice (20), Ruth Butler (17), Donna Cleary (9), Joel Conison (23), Janet Cook (6), Joyce DiBona (13), Donelli DiMaria* (3), David Hollander* (27), Leon Kalas (30), Mollie Kellogg (24), Guenter Knop* (11), Szn Kraft (28), Francien Krieg (2), John Luce Lockett (31), Lucinda Luvaas* (1), Jean Marcellino (21), Joe Mays* (22), Dan McCormack (7), Jacqui Morgan (26), Benjamin Nazareno (5), Kathy Ostman-Magnusen (12), Angelique Price (15), Chanit Roston (29), Cindy Sibilsky (19), Ilene Skeen (14), Christopher Smith (25), William Thierfelder (10), Randy Thurman (18), Haydee Torres (8), Judy Volkman (4), Tim Woodhouse (16).

Music for the March Video provided by The Singhs, (aka Dragonfly).

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