Wednesday, July 30, 2008

N*des-of-the-Month August Calendar

Commitment to skill -- When the Morris Museum Exhibitions Curator, Ann Aptaker, sat down to select the barebrush August calendar, she noted the general loss of skill in the art world over the last 30 years, but thought that maybe this was starting to turn around. Happily, barebrush artists pleasantly confirmed her hopes. "There is a lot of talent here," she said, "and the artists are taking skill seriously."

Aptaker chose Jennie Rosenbaum to launch the month with her sweeping use of space. She praised Donna Cleary for her "fearlessness," and Guenter Knop for his wonderful humor and composition. She thought Sara Swan showed simplicity, understanding and beautiful choices. Aptaker called John Luce Lockett's painting "unusual and a lot of fun," and Jim Van Kirk's drawing "sensitive." Aptaker thought Haydee Torres showed an understanding and sensuousness of line which makes her piece "very sexy." A. Galban also used "strong and very graceful lines." Overall, she was "happy to see the artists enjoying themselves," and commented that "really fine art requires both skilled labor and inspiration."

The 31 artists represented for August 2008 (with day of month) are: Sylvia Cheung (4), Donna Cleary* (14), Donelli DiMaria (17) , Carmiah Frank (16), Charmaine Frost (10), A. Galban (19), Rene Hinds (10), Guenter Knop* (8), Tony Lee (20), Serge Lis (30), John Luce Lockett (27), Lucinda Luvaas (15), Jean Marcellino (24), Peter Matthews (12), Dan McCormack (3), Mercadoocasio (28), Michael Mooney (31), David Moreschi (22), Linda Moses (25), Angelique Price (11), Jennie Rosenbaum* (1), Chanit Roston (13), Charles Schindler (6), Sima Schloss (21), Sara Swan* (5), Ilene Skeen (23), Suhas Tavkar (2), Haydee Torres* (26), Jim VanKirk (29), Ariel Velez (7), Judy Volkman (18).

Each of the artists selected for the calendar receives two (2) complimentary listings. Five artists, indicated by asterisks (*), are nominated for the Curators Choice Awards (box at right on the calendar page). Each nominee receives 8 additional complimentary listings and is in the running for cash prizes as well. YOU CAN VOTE NOW. Winners announced September 1st.

Check the 'New Art' to see the entries in the "Art Log". You can also enjoy the art offline with the free printer-friendly version and weekly planner (click on the tiny calendar icons, next to the month/year, on the calendar page), or shop for barebrush gear including the calendar on shirts and bags. Click on the logo above for more about the the Morris Museum.

The N*des-of-the-Month August 2008 calendar goes live to the public on August 1.

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