Thursday, February 28, 2008

Art News: N*des-of-the-Month March 2008 In Previews Now

New York, NY – Feb 28, 2008 – announces that its nineteenth N*des-of-the-Month Calendar, (March 2008) is in previews (for members only) on the website,, dedicated to the art of the nude. The calendar is released to the public on March 1st. The March 2008 calendar was curated by artist and instructor, Zoran Crnkovic, NYC. Nearly 450 artworks, (all media, all nude, a record) were submitted by artists world-wide. Works by 30 artists were chosen. The barebrush website is owned and operated by ILS Designs, LLC.

About Zoran Crnkovic, the Selection and the Artists:

Zoran Crnkovic is a painter and sculptor. He is an art instructor of figure drawing at the Salmagundi Club in New York. His studio is in Long Island City....

Zoran reviewed nearly 450 pieces submitted for the March 2008 show (a record). "If only there were a few more days in the month," Zoran said, half-joking, "I wish I could extend the selection...." Zoran found it interesting to see such different approaches and challenging to select the art. Zoran chose Anastasia Great Bones Strong Legs by Jacqui Morgan for the honor of launching the month. Zoran chose two works in memory of popular model, Aviva Stone, who died in December: Post-Thanksgiving Aviva by Jean Marcellino, and Avivas (multiple) by Jon Rettich....

The artists represented for March 2008 are: Ruth Butler (23), Donna Cleary (2), Donelli J. DiMaria (7), Charmaine Frost (20), Leon Kalas (27), Guenter Knop (24), Francien Krieg (13), Tony Lee (8), Trisha Lambi (12), Lucinda Luvaas (31), Kathy Magnusen (4), Jean Marcellino (9), Dan McCormack (6), Mercadoocasio (30), Jacqui Morgan(1), Frank Olesen (19), Richard Rabkin (21), Jon Reddich (10, 16), Emily Rich (15), Jennie Rosenbaum (5), Chanit Roston (3), Cindy Sibilsky (25), Ilene Skeen (17), Sara Swan (29), Suhas Tavkar (26), Randy Thurman (14), Haydee Torres (22), Judith Volkmann (11), Tim Woodhouse (28) and Yukako (18).

To view the complete press release at, click here

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

N*de of the Month -- Winning Painting with Unique Format

New York - announces the N*de of the Month, January 2008. The winning artwork, an oil painting with an unusual ring format, Uplifted was submitted by New York artist Chanit Roston, and is viewable on the front page of the barebrush website for a month. Over 400 works were submitted by artists world-wide.

The January N*des-of-the-Month calendar was curated by art conservator and author, Alex Katlan, who selected the 29 artworks for the January calendar (one for each day of the month). Alex also selected the nominees for the Curators' Choice Awards. All historic barebrush curators were sent ballots to rank the selections. The poll opened for public voting on the nominees January 10th and closed February 15. The winners are determined by a statistical combination of the curators and popular vote. All nominees receive complementary listings. First, second and third place are also awarded cash prizes. The results are below:

1st: Uplifted by Chanit Roston

Uplifted by Chanit Roston


2nd: Nude at Rest #2 by Donelli J. DiMaria

Nude at Rest #2 by Donelli J. DiMaria


3rd: Anneliese_T_7-08-07--4BC by Dan McCormack

Anneliese_T_7-08-07--4BC by Dan McCormack


Honorable Mention: profondita by escha van den bogerd

profondita by escha van den bogerd


Honorable Mention: rain by mercadoocasio

rain by mercadoocasio


Congratulations All!

To see the January 2008 N*des-of-the-Month calendar and further details, click here

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Special Poem (for Valentine's Day)

by Ilene Leslie Skeen

Glancing at the page below
I wonder what you'll come to know,
As if my thinking went astray
And I scarce know what I will say.
But listen well and harken this,
A special poem deserves a kiss.
So if there's a young miss you know,
Take this special poem and go.
But if a kiss will not suffice,
Get some coarser merchandise.
Flowers, candies, clothes or books
Will win your precious lady's looks.
But I would say to stay at home,
If callous lass cares not for poem.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Call for Entries -- N*des-of-the-Month March 2008 -- Communicate your personal reality

Deadline Friday, February 22. All visual artists are encouraged to submit art of the nude to the for selection by Zoran Crnkovic, artist and instructor for the March 2008 N*des-of-the-Month exhibition.

New York, NY – Feb. 4, 2008. announces today that Zoran Crnkovic, artist, and instructor at the Salmagundi Club, Greenwich Village, will select and curate the March 2008 N*des-of-the-Month virtual exhibition. The entry deadline for the March 2008 calendar is Friday, February 22. Art must be uploaded to on or before Friday, February 22 to be eligible for the March exhibition. Artists are strongly encouraged to upload their entries early and avoid being closed out due to overflow in the closing days of the contest.

About Zoran Crnkovic
Zoran Crnkovic is a painter and sculptor. He is an art instructor of figure drawing at the Salmagundi Club in New York. His studio is in Long Island City.

When asked what he will be looking for when he selects the artwork for BAREBRUSH, Zoran said,
I'm looking for sense of rhythm and use of medium to communicate personal
reality. The act of seeing translated to art. Not necessarily skill, but its
use. Most important is the inner life of the artwork and its truthfulness,
sprouting from intimate experience that is revealing the artist naked to its
core. I'm looking for the courage to let pencil, brush, and pen ...reveal the
one who is holding it.
"I am so pleased that Zoran has agree to curate our March 2008 show, " says BAREBRUSH CEO Ilene Skeen. "Zoran is a good friend, fine artist and well-respected instructor at the Salmagundi Club. He brings an international background to our selection process, which is fitting since the art comes to BAREBRUSH from all over the world. This continues our program of interesting a wide variety of art professionals in BAREBRUSH."

To see the complete Call for Entries, including a link to Zoran's website, click here