Saturday, January 05, 2008

In Memoriam -- Aviva Stone 1948 - 2007

The notice below is from Ken Platnick of the Art Students League in NYC. The drawing, by Jean Marcellino, is on the barebrush website, NOTM Curators Choice (2nd, September 2007).

The notice was revised at the request of Aviva's closest friends to more accurately reflect the situation.

Our beloved model, AVIVA STONE, died last weekend – in her studio in Union City.

She had so many friends here at the League who loved her for her joyful spirit and concern for others. Aviva had limited funds. She was hard working, always giving. There was nothing "small" about Aviva, if you knew her. She was big in her heart and big in her spirit.

Now burial costs and related expenses must be paid, and her friends would like to buy a stone to honor her memory. Students and members who would like to contribute are urged to deposit their donations in the folder set up for that purpose in the Gallery on the second floor.

Many thanks for your concern and your help.

Ken Platnick
January 6, 2008

Aviva, too soon gone, we will miss you....
Memories of you will stay with us always, in our art work and in our hearts. (ILS)

To see the detail of the drawing pictured above by Jean Marcellino, click here.

For a website devoted to art of Aviva, click here.

For those of you who can't get to the League or want a record of your contribution (the League is accepting only cash), you may make a donation here using the link below -- all receipts collected will go to help honor her memory.

Comments, artwork with Aviva, welcome.


Anonymous said...

Aviva was a very special, kind and gracious friend. She lived a very interesting life and gave more that 100 percent; we are all so fortunate to have known and worked with her.

YMedad said...

was the stone fixed?

Yisrael Medad

who knew her in Betar youth movement in the 1960s