Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year -- Barebrush N*des-of-the-Month #17

This is the text of the press release going to MMD Newswire.

New York, NY – Jan 1, 2008 – Barebrush.com announces that its seventeenth N*des-of-the-Month Calendar, (January 2008) is released to the public at the website, barebrush.com, dedicated to the art of the nude. The calendar was curated by Alexander Katlan, conservator, author and collector in NYC. The 31 artworks (one for each day of the month) were selected from over 400 works submitted by 39 artists worldwide.

About Alex Katlan, the Selection and the Artists:
Alexander Katlan, MA, MFA, founder of Alexander Katlan Conservator, Inc. provides in-depth museum quality conservation, documentation of fine paintings and research....

"In keeping with our policy to select barebrush curators from a variety of art backgrounds, I am very pleased that Alex Katlan agreed to curate the January 2008 show for barebrush," said CEO, Ilene Skeen. "Alex is unflagging in his enthusiasm for art, his attention to detail and his commitment to preserving both art and art-related history. He comes to barebrush with a lifetime of experience in preserving, appreciating and collecting fine art."

Alex painstakingly reviewed each of the 400+ artworks submitted for the January show. When it was over, he said, "I was looking for competence in the execution of the work, not so much the style." The January calendar selection is evidence of his flexibility and interest in a variety of media and approaches. Alex was especially interested in the oil paintings, but also chose work which crossed over between two art forms, mentioning specifically, Chanit Roston's Uplifted, (painting and sculpture), and Dan McCormack's Annelise... (photography and digital). Alex selected Marc Kehoe's oil, Above Ancona, for the important first Saturday of the month. He admired Jean Marcellino's, graphite portrait, Bellisima, which, perhaps with a tribute to its title, starts the New Year. Jacqui Morgan's Darlinda & Pinky celebrating Christmas made him laugh out loud. He also liked Ephraim Natkins solid pen and wash drawing of a seated man, which has the honor of ending January.

New at barebrush beginning this month, all of the artists selected for the calendar receive two (2) complimentary 60-day listings. Also the Curator's Choice Award nominees announcement moves to the 10th of the month (when voting begins). Each of the Curator's Choice Award nominees receive a total of ten (10) complimentary 60-day listings at that time (8 additional) and are eligible for Curator's Choice Award cash prizes as well.

The artists represented for January 2008 are: Roger Cummiskey (3), Donelli J. DiMaria (25), Cassandra Einstein (21), Isabela Gabrielson (14), Kasper Holten (7), Leon Nicholas Kalas (11), Marc Kehoe (5), Francien Krieg (15), Tony Lee (12), Lucinda Luvaas (22), Jean Marcellino (1, 6, 30), Dan McCormack (16), Mercadoocasio (2), Jacqui Morgan (19), Ephraim Natkins (23, 31), Frank Olesen (17), Jon Rettich (24), Emily Rich (4), Jennie Rosenbaum (18), Chanit Roston (8, 9), William Rothstein (27), Ilene Skeen (20), Suhas Tavkar (28), Randy Thurman (29), Haydee Torres (13), Escha van den Bogerd (10), and Yukako (26).

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