Wednesday, October 17, 2007

BAREBRUSH Winners for September 2007

Curators Choice Awards (with day of month) for September 2007:

Stephen W. Nash (14), $50

Cool Shower by Stephen W. Nash

Jean Marcellino (11), $25

Fast Aviva and Parasol by Jean Marcellino

Lucinda Luvaas (20), $15

Swimming Hole by Lucinda Luvaas

Honorable Mention:

Roger Cummiskey (25)

PearShaped by Roger Cummiskey

Haydee Torres (23)

Dream  About by Haydee Torres

Sima Schloss (29)

Blinder by Sima Schloss

All Curators' Choice Awards winners also receive 10 complimentary Extended Listings.

"My Favorite N*de" Poll Results:

Hector Olvera (8)

La Danza by Hector Olvera Etor

Tony Lee (15)

Hombre Roca / Rockman by Tony Lee

Monique DRIF (28)

La Perle by Monique DRIF

Honorable Mention:

Tony Lee (16)

Silencio / Silence by Tony Lee

Walter Lynn Mosley (27)

Standing Male Nude with Pole by Walter Lynn Mosley

Congratulations all!

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