Tuesday, January 23, 2007

February Nudes Calendar Snafu Due to Google Malfunction

If you do not see your recently uploaded art in the barebrush 'Art Log' yet, it will be live in the next several days and part of the March calendar contest.

Dear Member,

When I put out my several calls for entries this past weekend, I had no idea how enthusiastically many of you would are respond. Thank you for your excellence, creativity and variety of images which you have uploaded to barebrush. Thanks also to the new members from all over the world who uploaded wonderful work at barebrush for the very first time.

However, my call worked too well. Unfortunately, the 'Art Log' could not be updated today because Google shut down the posting function when a volume threshold was crossed. Google interprets a large volume of posts as indicating spam. I am working to have this cleared.

There is no problem with the barebrush uploader program. There is also no problem with the listing detail pages. These are contained within the barebrush site. All of your posts and images are being captured and held in the barebrush uploader database. This message just means that if your art is not already visible in the 'Art Log', when it is visible, it will be eligible for the March calendar contest. If you posted extended listings today, your art will be eligible for both the March and April calendars.

It may be a day or two until you see your posts. The 30-day listing period (or the 60-day extended listing period) begins when the post is live on the 'Art Log'. I will send you a confirming email at that time.

I am truly sorry about this inconvenience. Thank you for your patience. I am working to prevent this situation from happening again.


Ilene Skeen

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