Thursday, January 11, 2007

Barebrush, the naked one with the daily newspaper

Following is an automatic (and rough) translation of commentary from a French website about

When the art of naked is put at the service of the daily newspaper through an Internet site, there is inevitably what to exceed waitings in term of audience. Thus, a young person start-up newyorkaise has just announced the publication of “N*des-of-the-Month”, a virtual, sexy and free calendar where painters (or photographers) come to expose their creations to the daily newspaper. History to promote works in the most effective and direct way possible… Here an original idea for an erotic, virtual and artistic calendar at the same time. To provide to the artists the possibility of exposing a work of naked per day. With this new concept "" N*des-of-the-Month ", the creators of the Barebrush site show the way to be followed for the artists in order to promote their work.

Knowing that the naked one is indeed a subject which interests much the Net surfers, the start-up decided to exploit the niche in the most original way. It is thus about a kind of a window of erotic art through an electronic calendar. For much of artist, the site is a real opportunity since the concept does not require any commission. Like a simple contest, it is only enough to pass the selection, however demanding…

To see the French website with the complete article, click here

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