Sunday, October 22, 2006 Welcomes International Art

New York, NY -- Just two months after start-up and deep into the call for our third N*des-of-the-Month calendar (November 2006, deadline Wednesday), is delighted to welcome art from our first international member, Australian artist Jennie Rosenbaum, who writes:

"I am continually fascinated by the beauty and sensuality of the nude body and the strangeness of the human psyche. My work is heavily connected to my sense of self and my own feelings about my body. I take the frustration and pain from my disability and use it to fuel my inspiration and explore further the body’s weaknesses and strengths."

Jennie even wrote about barebrush in her blog, saying, "Sites like prove that there will always be a place for the traditional gallery relationship and dealer representation."

I couldn't agree more.

To read Jennie's complete story on, click here

To see Jennie's site, click here

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