Monday, September 18, 2006

Last Night at Spring Studio

Jacqui Morgan's reception was attended by a great group of friendly people of all ages. People looked at the art carefully and many had favorites. Jacqui's use of multiple poses in the same image space is very "now" as more artists of the nude make a determined effort to move from figure studies to figures in space and to explore the spatial relationships of the figures and the page. In this way, Jacqui's work is very true to its title as the "Now Watercolors."

The vast table of food was attacked and eventually conquered. The wine flowed and the chatter was exciting in Spring Studio's basement space. If the subway was rumbling by, it was hardly noticeable.

This show is up until the end of the month. The photo is a collage, three of Jacqui and two by her. Spring Studio is located at 64 Spring Street in Soho. Definitely worth a careful look.

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