Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jacqui Morgan "The Now Watercolors" at Spring Studio

Reception Sunday, Sept 17th, 6-8 pm. Save the date!

Last Thursday, I went to Spring Studio for the afternoon long pose. To my surpise, I recognized the work on the walls right away, even though I knew I had never seen it before. It was a solo show of Jacqui Morgan, the illustrator and author of a delightful book, Watercolor for Illustration. Jacqui has a distinctive style and her work is polished and attractive.

The show runs through Sept 30, and the reception is Sunday. Definitely worth stopping by if you want to see Jacqui's work and meet people dedicated to the art of the nude.

To quote the website (all true), "Spring Studio is known for its excellent models, its prompt starting times, its participants' gracious manners, and for its spirit of artistic tolerance. It attracts artists and students from all over the world."

Spring Studio is located at 64 Spring Street in Soho.

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